• Microsoft Office Training

    „I took part in the training Excel and I was touched by the fact that I used to unnecessarily spend a few days of your time rewriting the full names from one column into two adjacent, to the first and last name. I learned a tool Text to columns that this can do in a few seconds.” (Jane H., Prague)


    Thanks to the knowledge of simple and very effective tools to make your time spent working on your computer considerably shortened.


  • Customized solution

    „With Peter we have found a great way to categorize and analyze the data that was previously manually tracing, and calculated in the basic Excel spreadsheet. Using pivot tables and summaries all the calculations are automatic and now we add manually only input data.”
    (Thomas K., Říčany)


    Together we can analyze your needs, compare possible solutions and implement that which is most practical.

  • Tutorial Deal with PivotTables

    Do you want to learn one of the best tools in Excel, for free? Introducing video series Deal with PivotTables, with ten videos that guide you through the options for Pivot tables. By setting up a basic model to the grouping, calculations and chart, easily and with a czech commentary.


    ITLektor.cz offers more than 130 tutorials, including 50 videos free.

  • Deal with dissertations

    When editing long text documents, it is difficult to finish without styles, table of content, page numbering, splitting to sections and many other settings. It’s not rocket science as you can see in a ten video tutorials for free. This is especially useful for students who waits for submitting Bachelor or Master thesis.


    ITLektor.cz offers more than 130 tutorials, including 50 videos free.

  • Online training

    Try out new unique video tutorials with IT expert, free demonstrations and lessons. After completing each course, you will receive an electronic certificate that you can attach to your CV. This modern form of training is available online anytime, anywhere. Teaching takes place at your own pace and from the comfort of your home.


    You will find dozens of free lessons at www.umimexcel.cz.

Microsoft Office trainings, making of templates, databases, more than 130 free tutorials.

Microsoft Office Trainings

I can help you learn how to work in the following applications Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Visio.

Microsoft Office online

Unique online courses with detailed explanation, examples, certificate, in czech language only.

Programming and databases

If you have a requirement to create macros or programming applications, please contact us.

Nejucelenější balíček výkladových online kurzů Excelu na českém internetu, s neomezeným přístupem, certifikátem a příklady ke stažení u každého kurzu.

Balíček online kurzů Wordu od začátečníka až po profíka. Naučte se plně využít textový editor pro úpravu krátkých i dlouhých dokumentů.

Nejrozsáhlejší online kurz Accessu na českém internetu nabízí komplexní seznámení s tvorbou databází. Je s neomezeným přístupem a certifikátem.

Pro kancelářskou praxi využijte tento unikátní balíček online kurzů „pro středně pokročilé“. Balíček obsahuje kurz Wordu, Excelu, PowerPointu a Outlooku.