Reuse slides in PowerPoint

When creating presentations, we often use slides of previously created presentations. In this article you will find tips for easy inserting slides from another file, ie how to reuse images. If this guide has helped you, become a fan on Facebook and recommend this site to your friends, it can be useful for them too. To paste slides from […]

Insert Screenshot

When creating presentations or other documents sometimes we need to insert an image of another open window or its crop part. In Windows, you can use Snipping Tool, which you already could read in the previous tutorial. In Microsoft Office there’s another way to insert the screenshot. Read in this manual, what needs to be done. If […]

Presenter view

Many of you certainly not only create the presentation, as well as present them to your colleagues or other training participants. To give you a better overview of the entire slideshow, easy to orient in your notes while switching the screening windows could disturb the audience, use a special tool for presenters called Presenter view that is integrated directly within PowerPoint. In […]

How to print presentation notes

Presentations should contain only the key points that the speaker is talking about. It makes no sense to read long sentences to the audience, who can read in the slide themselves. If you want to have on hand slide notes that with your comments, you can have written them inside PowerPoint slides and then clearly print. […]

Live slideshow broadcast

You need to present information to different users who can not personally attend your meeting? Never mind, advantage of using the online broadcasting in PowerPoint is that they can all be connected through a web browser. Just send them a link that PowerPoint generates and they enter this into their browser. Once you start your slideshow, they will […]