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Microsoft Excel offers the creation and management of tables with hundreds of functions carried out by sophisticated calculations and analysis. Using conditional formatting,charts visualizing the data obtained. For larger amount of data enables using pivot tables and PowerPivot tools to compare the data in context and summary results displayed to the user. Let ITLektor show you the mysteries of this powerful application.

Many tips and tricks, which I met in practice, giving to readers free of charge in my useful videos. See with your own eyes how to deal with situations that are perhaps your daily basis. To view a list of all video tutorials just go to the video category.

Nemáte čas chodit na drahá školení? Stejnou osnovu jako běžná školení mají i online kurzy (E-learning) v podobě video lekcí s podrobným návodem, cvičnými soubory ke stažení, certifikátem a doživotním přístupem. Podívejte se na Online kurzy Excelu.

If you find that you are missing some knowledge, there is no easier way than to be trained. If you choose the path of “self-learning”, some procedures you will learn can take more time or perhaps not quite correct. You can always use the articles on this site for inspiration or consult the ITLektor.

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