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Are you working with spreadsheets, where multiple users make changes? Then maybe I will agree that compare various changed tables between each other is a nightmare. Sure, there is Track Changes tool, but it is not omnipotent, and in addition, many people do not even know how it works. So what to do with the different tables that you want to compare back and view information about their differences? Finally, in the 2013 version comes tool for comparing tables – Spreadsheet Compare 2013. It is a tool integrated into Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 and Office 365 ProPlus.

Starting the application

To run the tool go to:

  • Windows 7 – Start > All programs > Microsoft Office > Office Tools 2013 > Spreadsheet Compare
  • Windows 8 – Start (Metro) > type Spreadsheet Compare and an icon will appear to run it

What does it do?

We have two files before and after changes. Some data has changed, shifted, changed the format etc. We wonder to what exactly changes occurred, we do not control everything manually. For our example, the figures show two files with a small table, which is initially in the original form and the second table is modified. In the Spreadsheet Compare we select Compare Files icon, select two files that we compare. Both files must have the extension .xlsx since version 2007 or later.

After loading both sources the tool displays the differences in the table at the bottom, both textual summary and color according to the type of difference – whether it is the difference in value, size, etc. Additionally, you can alsi see a chart with the number of individual differences. At the bottom left is possible by checking the appropriate option to view only those differences that we are interested in at the moment.

Using tab up we can easily view both tables and formatting with an icon Show Workbook Formatting and adjust the size of the content inside the cell through the Resize Cells to Fit. Results comparing the differences can be exported to a new workbook by choice Export Results and can be sent to your colleagues.

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