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Welcome to my channel, where I have been giving you instructions on both Excel and other Office applications for many years.

I decided to release this video to explain why English videos also appeared on my purely Czech channel, because inquisitive reactions began to appear from you, which I understand.

Do you know that I have an educational portal umimexcel.cz, which I created and it took me two years of work to upload all online courses there with what I can do in Office applications and since 2007 I have been lecturing, from Excel, via Outlook, Word, Powerpoint, Teams, Windows to Access. But since then new versions have arrived and it is true that some lessons were very old and also with poor sound quality. Therefore, I decided to update the selected courses and upload completely new lessons to the latest version and with better sound.

One of the first courses I decided to remake is the Excel course for beginners, which is the most popular on my portal and is also part of my Megakurz Excel, which contains an explanation from beginner to expert 10 hours ago.

Now to why English videos have appeared here.

I had the idea of ​​redesigning the courses some time ago. The war in Ukraine has come and one is trying to help the refugees with his work as best he can. In addition to sending the funds, I thought why not help with what I can. Therefore, when converting the course to a new version, I immediately recorded each lesson for the English version. And it’s probably clear that it’s not 5 minutes of work, scriptwriting, recording, editing, production … I do it after my work when I can …
All lessons of the Excel course for beginners in English will be added to my channel, there are around 35 of them, so that this course can reach more people, even those who do not speak Czech, and they could have a better chance of getting a job where they need Excel. And Excel is really almost everywhere in the office environment. Maybe in this difficult time I will also help Ukrainians who would care about such work in our country.
All these videos will have subtitles available in Czech and Ukrainian.
My English is not perfect, I am not a native speaker, so I apologize for any mistakes in pronunciation and grammar that will be heard there or by those who know the language, but I try my best.
Now how can you help me. Share my videos if you have someone around who would need Excel from the beginning and don’t know Czech, Ukrainians or other foreigners yet. This will support my idea and support me.
You will of course find the Czech course in the new version on the umimexcel.cz website
That’s all I wanted to say with this video. I will be happy to support and share. Everyone helps as much as they can.
Have a good time and don’t be afraid that I would completely stop putting Czech videos here.
I’m here, whistle, like, I’m looking forward to seeing you in more videos.

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