Training Excel for beginners

Training description

In this workshop, students will learn the basics of Microsoft Excel. A list of topics is provided below. Topics are presented by the trainer, then he answers any questions from the audience about the topic and then students do exercises on their computer to use their new knowledge. Throughout the trainer assists them and advises individually.

Modul EXCEL1

  • orientate in Excel
  • work with the Ribbon and be able to show or hide tabs
  • use Help of the application
  • open, save, close, print file
  • adjust the column width, row height, cell size
  • write into cells, modify or delete their content
  • selecting the cell, column, row, the entire sheet
  • move and copy cells to another location or to another file
  • set the background color, cell borders, font formatting
  • create simple formulas with basic mathematical operations
  • to ensure that the formula is automatically recalculated
  • easier to get results using predefined functions
  • use the function sum, average, min, max, count
  • automatically copy the formula to where it is needed in one second
  • display data in a basic chart

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