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Import data to organization chart import10

Import data to organization chart

Did you know that it is possible to make organizational chart in Visio by simply a few clicks from the table in Excel? In addition to the standard procedure dragging shapes from a stencil to a drawing this program has integrated data import wizard. Step by step the can user go through uploading data from another file, […]

Static and dynamic connectors spojnice6

Static and dynamic connectors

When creating shapes in the drawing it is needed to use the connector. These lines allow to link two shapes with each other, can have different types and arrows, color and thickness. Essential for these connectors is a specific connection point on the edge of shapes. we are talking about the so-called Connecting points. These points are […]

Training Visio visio

Training Visio

Training description On this training, students will learn techniques for practical use Microsoft Visio. A list of topics is provided below. Topics are presented by the trainer, then he answers any questions from the audience about the topic and then students do exercises on their computer to use their new knowledge. Throughout the trainer assists […]

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