Excel intermediate training

Training description

This is the most popular training of Excel. Students will learn how to practically use Excel for their work. A list of topics is provided below. Topics are presented by the trainer, then he answers any questions from the audience about the topic and then students do exercises on their computer to use their new knowledge. Throughout the trainer assists them and advises individually.

  • use a template same types of documents
  • creating, copying, moving, coloring, renaming sheet
  • lock the cell against rewriting formulas or formatting change
  • password protect files from unauthorized access
  • use formats numbers as currency, percentage, dates
  • set custom number format in the cell
  • highlight a cell (whole row) by its values using conditional formatting
  • transfer format properties from one cell to another
  • automatically generate series of number of days, months, numbers, alphabets etc.
  • create and use simple and more dificult formulas
  • to ensure that the formula is automatically recalculated
  • retrieve values from other sheets or files
  • use in formulas instead of cell addresses their own names (names of fields)
  • make it easier to get results using predefined functions
  • use function if, sum, average, today and many others
  • in the formula set dollars (absolute address) so that the cell address in the formula is not changed when copying
  • copy the formula to where it is needed in one second
  • indicate the range of cells by using keyboard shortcuts
  • display data in a chart, such as bar, pie, or line, exactly as you want
  • work effectively with large spreadsheets
  • filter and sort the table, including extended (advanced) filter
  • validate new values in the table according to the criteria and subsequent warnings on error
  • obtain summary data from a table easily by using the sum (subtotal)
  • group and hide rows or columns using a group or an auto outline
  • display summary information in a simple PivotTable and correctly interpret it

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