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Picture in a Word and crop

Image inserted into a document can enrich it and may give him a whole new dimension. Word 2007 allows you to add different effects to images, and I do not mean just a shade or color of the edge, but also crop according to the desired shape, reflections, 3D rotating, and more. In this article you can […]

Remove duplicates in Excel

Are you trying to gain unique values from a large or small list of repeating records? Elimination of duplicates is common question on training, so I put here how to do it in Excel 2007 and newer. Earlier this was possible only by using advanced filter, which allowed the filtering records without duplicates. In Excel 2007 version it easier for us by […]

PowerPoint slide transition

Do you find your presenation boring? Just add a few minor effects and it can now look better. A simple solution is to add slide transitions, the animation that changes during one slide moving into another. How can it be set in PowerPoint 2007?? Just find the Animation (Transitions) tab and all can be set in a group Transition […]

Using functions in Excel 2007

Functions in Excel 2007 themselves have not undergone much changes, but we now have a new option for their creation. Also there were added a few new functions (eg. SumIFS etc.). Previously we used a Function Wizard for its creation , the more capable users wrote it directly into the address bar. The address bar is also in this version […]

Backup Quick Access Toolbar

Are you using Microsoft Office 2007 or newer and you think about how to keep Quick Access Toolbar settings for other computers or as a backup of frequently used buttons? Previously in the 2003 version, it was enough for the backup of the toolbar to save the file as a template, or move the settings through Organizer […]

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