Hidden function DATEDIF

You may know that Excel can subtract from each other not only numbers, but also dates. The fundamental difference between the two dates will be the number of days between them. But if we want to determine the precise number of months, years or just months indiscriminately years, it would be quite difficult. Fortunately, we […]

Table transpose

Do you have wrong direction of a table and you do not want to rewrite the cells from a column in a row? Use a simple trick and Excel will do all that is necessary. Read in this manual, what needs to be done. If this guide has helped you, become a fan on Facebook […]

Functions for rounding

For calculations in Excel can be often assumed difference between the format of the result and the real value rounded. In this tutorial you will learn how solve this problem and learn practical function to correct round. If this guide has helped you, become a fan on Facebook and recommend this site to your friends, it can be useful […]

Useful date functions

Excel users often struggle with functions, which are total more than 350. Many of them will learn on my trainings, but how to remember them after a long time? In this article we will focus on some useful functions for working with dates. For each function you will find not only a general description, but a […]

Function SUM and AVERAGE

One of the basic functions, yet many people are not using. If they know it they could save much work in calculating basic summaries. We are talking about the SUM and AVERAGE – end of counting totals and averages manually. SUM description =SUM(value 1, value 2, … ,value 255) values 1 … 255 are cells with the numbers or values for […]

IF function

To automate the calculation and display values depending on the fulfillment of conditions we use IF function in Excel. Anything that depends on another cell, the result of the formula or filling values, can be easily determined by just this feature. This is a function from the Logical category and in this article, learn how to use it. Adding IF […]