40. Videotutorial – Dissertation: Hidden symbols

We finish the series Deal with Disserations with topic Hidden symbols (nonprinting). Many users have more work inappropriate moving text down with space or ENTER etc. If you learn how to properly use the hidden characters, you can control indentation, pagination, sections, prepositions at the end of the line, and many other things. Now, a hidden character (icon pi […]

37. Videotutorial – Dissertation: Adding footnotes

The series Deal with Disserations continues with topic Adding footnotes. Use these numbered notes at the bottom of the page to explain some shortcuts, foreign terms, the translation from another language, quoting sources etc. They are automatically numbered in the context of a page or the entire document. In this video, you see how it works in the document. […]

Square brackets in citations

When writing your thesis or dissertation, you will probably use citations. If you use a tool Citations and bibliography in Word, you will see that in individual citations it will use rounded brackets instead of square. In Czech Republic used ISO 690 – Numeric reference will display the form “… quoted text …” (1). Brackets for quotations are set deep in […]

36. Videotutorial – Dissertation: Citations and Bibliography

The series Deal with Disserations continues with topic Citations and Bibliogprahy. Setting of links to various sources of information used in your dissertation is probably one of the least popular and also most time-taking activities. Word has an integrated tool that will in many cases facilitate the work. It can not only create the correct citation according to the […]

35. Videotutorial – Dissertation: Split to sections

The series Deal with Disserations continues with topic how to Split to sections. A document can contain multiple Sections with different header and footer, including page numbers, orientation and paper size and margins. In this video, you learn how to create Sections correctly and set the page numbering inside them. If this guide has helped you, become a fan on Facebook […]