What is webinar?

Webinar is a modern form of teaching that is interactive and runs on both sides using the internet, webcam, microphone and remote desktop control. Training takes place so that the teacher connects to a computer of trainee and there he presents procedures in specific applications. The trainer and participant in the live webinars are contacted according to their agreement with the use of webcams, a microphone, or both. The presented topic you see directly on your computer and can be supervised by the teacher immediately as you try. You work on your files, or files suitable for training purposes supplied by the trainer.

Online školení - webinář


Webinar’s benefits

  • everything is done online
  • no need to go anywhere
  • choose a time that suits you
  • trainer devoted solely to you
  • whenever it is possible to interrupt the session

What do you need?

Webinar participant must have a computer or laptop connected to the Internet. It is also useful to have a microphone, headphones or speakers and optionally a webcam. Live communication is a key element of the webinar.

For webinar is used TeamViewer program, which is available for free download at www.teamviewer.com. This application allows to connect to the remote desktop, communicating via a microphone and webcam, file sharing. We can use also Skype. You must have installed the program or the entire Microsoft Office version you want to use.


Webinar operates on the principle of prepaid hours. After payment set by the required number of hours of time you will be able to use it on agreed dates until exhaustion of subscription period. These are individual lessons, the prices are for one person.

1 hour10 hours20 hours
500 CZK4 500 CZK8 000 CZK
BEST offersave 500 CZK !save 2 000 CZK !


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