Bachelor’s and master’s thesis usually require layout according to the rules of the educational institution. Many people does not know how to format it correctly, or the would lose too much time. Send us a document in Word, and soon you will get back a modified version with all your requirements.

The most frequent requests for modifications are:

  • using styles in your document
  • the correct line endings – elimination of prepositions
  • single or multi-level chapter numbering
  • the numbering of footnotes and citations
  • creating table of Contents
  • creating a list of images, tables, charts
  • remove excess spaces and blank pages
  • various orientation in the attachements
  • setting the page numbering in the header / footer
  • other numbers in the attachements
  • pictures editing
  • tables editing
  • charts editing

What to do

  1. Firstly, write an email, which containts your requirements for the formatting of your work.
  2. In a short time we will reply and arrange further details.
  3. You send Word document and all documents with which to work during editing (tables, charts, images, attachments, etc.) and the requirements for formatting in the document.
  4. We prepare a document and during editing, you can be contacted for eventual comments or additional modifications to your satisfaction.
  5. You pay for the service and the finished document will be returned.


The price is determined by the time that work takes. Adjusting usually takes several hours, the cost per hour of work is CZK 500, the most total price for the entire document editing is usually CZK 1,500. But we can agree on a price for the complete individual work.