I made a new free Excel videotutorial with total 10 videos that can show you possibilities of Pivot tables in Excel. You can find the series here, on facebook or on youtube. However, all tutorials are in czech.

Basic model

Create a basic pivot table in Excel, using this first video tutorial.

Calculation options

Learn how to set summary functions in pivot table in the 2nd episode.

Design tab

Change the report layout and design with 3rd episode.

Report filter

Learn how to deal with Report filter in the 4th episode.


Learn how to group dates and numbers in the 5th episode.

Calculated filed

Make new columns with formulas directly, see 6th episode.

Slicer and timeline

How to deal with filtering, Slicers and Timelines? See in 7th episode.

Pivot chart

How to create and set a Pivot Chart? See in 8th episode.


How to consolidate multiple tables into one Pivot? See in 9th episode.

Nonprinting charactersMore tweaks

Zbylé vychytávky, které se jinam nevešly, najdete v závěrečném 10. dílu.

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