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It happened to you that you got to foreign language web and you had problems with a translation? Google comes up with an online translation tool, which is one of the best on the internet.

The Web is crowded with sites in English, German, Spanish and other global and lesser-used languages. And learn them all is almost superhuman task. To learn the necessary information from a page in a foreign language, it is necessary to use a dictionary or easily directly online translator. Especially when translating from Czech into foreign languages they have ​ problems. But it is also important to offer your visitors the translation of text into their language.

Google came up with a revolutionary software for online translation, it’s called. statistical machine translation. The tool compares different word phrase in the database and determine probably the best wording that describes text. I must say that I was very surprised the results with the translation. This translator can transalte eg. Czech into English in natural form and translated text looks almost as if it was translated by a native speaker. Of course we can not avoid slight irregularities, but the main context can be understood well.

The main advantage besides the quality of the translation, there is also a number of languages ​​that can translate between each other. Google Translator thus offers an easy way to translate the site into most world languages in ​​a few clicks. Additionally it offers a tool which when added to your site will allow easy translate it directly and you do not need to use a special Google page (see below).

Try this translation tool for your text or websites and see its qualities for yourself.

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