How to quickly and easily select various parts of a document in Word? Even though you might not know it, it goes without even a mouse. The whole paragraph, sentence, line, all this can done more easily than you think. A few selected shortcuts and tricks I prepared in this video. Watch a try.

Who does not want to wait, can find a few shortcuts listed below, but others have a need to explore within the video.

Selecting text keyboard shortcuts:

  • SHIFT+Home : select to the line beginning
  • SHIFT+End : select to the line end
  • CTRL+SHIFT+up arrow : select to paragraph beginning
  • CTRL+SHIFT+down arrow: select to paragraph end
  • CTRL+SHIFT+Home : select to document beginning
  • CTRL+SHIFT+End : select to document end
  • CTRL+A : select whole document

Please note that this tutorial is presented in czech language.

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