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SmartArtIn the version of PowerPoint 2007 and newer we will find a function that converts bulleted text to a diagram so-called SmartArt. SmartArt diagram allowing us to look at the points of the text – list – from a graphical point of view. Individual points are then engaging presentations and one tends to remember them better than just black text on a white background. How to do it? Read more …

The first thing you need to have is an bulleted list. Let’s make a simple Scheme of life cycle, which we put into the presentation as text bullets.

Text s odrážkami
Text with bullets

When we prepared the text, it will be very interesting to convert it into a graphical diagram.

  1. Select the textbox at the edge with the left mouse button
  2. Convert to SmartArt can be found on the Home tab, in the Paragraph group> Convert to SmartArt graphic (a small green icon)
  3. Select the appropriate layout of diagram and click on OK
  4. Change appearance at will on contextual tabs Design and Format

This diagram looks more professional than just a simple text, right?


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