Are you also unpleasantly surprised to find that Outlook 2013 no longer show the task bar with all upcoming events, but only for one selected day? Personally I very miss this tool that in Outlook 2010 was available and worked very well. That’s why started to search for a solution, if it would be possible to do something to make it work in the new version. I came across on add-ins that allow it. You can now check them out and compare the differences.

PureSoft Outlook Todo Pane Addin

This add-in was originally limited version for free, but is now only one month free trial and then costs about 10 euros. At this price will add a great functionality to Outlook, which we were previously accustomed to and offers a little more options. It installs smoothly, then you only need to activate Outlook. It will add TODOs icons onto the View tab.

Main features are:

  • Mini-calendar for one or more months, easily switching between them.
  • An overview of the upcoming events and tasks.
  • It can enhance the days events.
  • Events colored by a Category.

The only disadvantage is that it is not free, but if you do not mind to pay about 250 CZK, so it’s an obvious choice. Download / buy this add-in here.

Puresoft Outlook Todo Pane
Puresoft Outlook Todo Pane

Outlook 2013 Add-In

The second add-in that I found and that is completely free, is Outlook 2013 Add-In. It has similar functionality.

  • To install add-in after downloading and unpacking, open file Outlook2013TodoAddIn.vsto.
  • Add-in information and its features and downloads can be found here.
Outlook 2013 Add-In
Outlook 2013 Add-In

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  1. V Office 2013 stačí podržet myš nad ikonou kalendáře/úkolů v e-mailovém zobrazení, zobrazí se náhled kalendáře a nad vertikálním posuvníkem je Ukotvit náhled. A jeto.

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