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Check out the new features in MS Office (2013/2016/2019). Teaching is carried out by first discussing the given subject matter, answering any questions from the students to the topic and then practicing the acquired knowledge at the computer, assisted by a lecturer and individually advised.

Online kurzy Microsoft Office
Online kurz Novinky v Microsoft Office

News of the whole set

  • New Home Screen + how to turn it off?
  • A little different ribbon design
  • Cloud Storage Option (OneDrive)
  • Even for touch environments

Excel – What’s New?

  • One file = one window
  • Dynamic tween (Excel almost reads your thoughts)
  • Timeline (Date Filtering) in PivotTable
  • Automatic suggestions for recommended graphs and PivotTables
  • “Instant analysis” for faster formatting and analysis of spreadsheets
  • New features in different categories
  • New chart control
  • File Comparison – SpreadSheet Compare
  • PowerView
  • PowerMap (view 3D globe data)

Word – What’s New?

  • Continue where you left off
  • New reading mode
  • Comments in “Chat”
  • Embedding Online Videos
  • Easy to collapse chapters
  • Convert PDF to Word
  • Dynamic alignment guides
  • “Gadgets” – such as Wikipedia directly in Word

PowerPoint – What’s New?

  • New recommended image size
  • Dropper for “stretching” colors for future use
  • Group shape operations (unification, intersections, cuts)
  • Uploading work on the screen
  • New themes and variations

Outlook – What’s New?

  • Quick embedded responses directly in the reading pane
  • Easy commands in message list
  • News previews
  • Quick calendar and other thumbnails
  • Calendar weather forecast

This course lasts 1 day and can be shortened to an intensive form of 3 – 4 hour teaching.

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