Training Internet basics

On this training, students will learn the procedures for orientation and basic of Internet usage, Web browser and e-mail, create your own e-mail box. A list of topics is provided below. Topics are presented by the trainer, then he answers any questions from the audience about the topic and then students do exercises on their computer to use their new knowledge. Throughout the trainer assists them and advises individually.

You will learn how to:

  • something about the history of the Internet
  • what do basic terms in this topic mean
  • what is and for what is used the Internet
  • basic information about how the Internet works
  • what is the IP address
  • what is the URL
  • what is the WWW
  • what is FTP, firewall, virus, cookies, cache
  • what is a web browser and to know
    the difference between the HTML and HTTP
  • browse websites
  • set your browser home page
  • copy the text or image from the website
  • search the web for desired information and use simple search tags
  • what is the difference between a Web search engine and catalog pages
  • how to add the page to your Favorites
  • how and where to download interesting free programs
  • how to delete history and temporary files from your browser
  • create your own e-mail account, send and receive mail

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