Using functions in Excel 2007

Functions in Excel 2007 themselves have not undergone much changes, but we now have a new option for their creation. Also there were added a few new functions (eg. SumIFS etc.). Previously we used a Function Wizard for its creation , the more capable users wrote it directly into the address bar. The address bar is also in this version (although it can be, unlike his predecessor, stretch to the desired height), as there is also unchanged Function Wizard. However, there also was added a special Formulas Tab on the Ribbon and the whole group dedicated to functions.

Karta Vzorce na pásu karet
Formulas tab on the Ribbon (czech)

On the Formulas tab there is a library of functions and with the specific category of functions, the same as in the famous Function Wizard (activate by fx – insert function on the Formulas tab or inside the formula bar). Each category already contains a list of functions with the help.

Rozbalení kategorie funkcí
Logical function menu

Who used to work with the Function Wizard can be calm and continue to use it, that in fact has not changed. This is how the IF function looks now.

Funkce když
IF function

A new feature in the 2007 release is called autocomplete formulas. Simply write into the selected cell = and the first letters of a function you want to manually insert and Excel alone offers a list of all the functions beginning with those letters. It’s good if you want listing or you can not remember how the whole name, but you know at least the first letter.

Dokončování vzorců
Formulas autocomplete

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