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At this training you will learn about concepts such as procedure, method, variable or function, and you will gradually learn the principles for automating Excel activities. In the examples we will show how the conditions and cycles work, what objects are and how to use them. We program our own user function to remove diacritics, create a form window with controls. We will prepare user messages or dialogs and finally convert the code into an add-on. Participants will receive free training materials with exercises and a description of how to elaborate tasks.

Online kurzy Microsoft Office
Online kurz Excelu VBA a makra – základy programování

Modul EXCEL9

  • Recording macros (absolute vs. relative macro, keyboard shortcuts, go to – special)
  • Object-oriented approach (Objects WorkSheet, WorkBook, Range, Collection)
  • Variables, constants, data types and their definitions
  • Properties and methods
  • Conditions and cycles (If, Do while, For, For each, Select Case)
  • Messages and dialogs (MsgBox, InputBox)
  • User Functions
  • Create and use an add-on
  • UserForms
  • Abbreviated writing and code checking

This course lasts 1 – 2 days.

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