Timeline in a PivotTable

One of the new features introduced by the developers of Microsoft Excel version 2013 is the timeline. In the 2010 version had preceded the tool Slicer of Pivot tables, of which you will learn more in the video. The pivot table is a general summary tool used for analyzing data. It can display effectively and comprehensively summary of selected values in a two-dimensional model and a chart. In this tutorial we will focus on this new option for filtering results based on selection of dates – days, months, quarters and years out of dates. The option is the timeline, so that in addition to conventional filtering techniques this is an entertaining and enriching to work with the PivotTable. When combining Slicer and a Timeline we can achieve a nice interactive data analysis for management. Before we begin with the tutorial, note that this new tool is available since version 2013 in XLSX files

Časová osa Excel
Excel Timeline

If you create a PivotTable in Excel, activation the timeline will issue one click.

  1. Go to Analysis tab > Insert timeline.
  2. Then select the field with the dates that you want to use for the timeline.
  3. Timeline is inserted into the worksheet.
  4. Once the timeline is selected you can use the Options tab to modify its appearance and other properties.
Možnosti časové osy
Time line Options tab

From the Options tab worth trying to change the color design, off some of screen elements and especially the connection of reports (PivotTables). We met this when using the previously mentioned Slicers. Here, we have also the ability to set up multiple PivotTables (based on the same data table), which will be filter using timelime at the same time.

To control the actual timeline intuitively we use the mouse. Click and simply by holding the mouse, drag the selected direction is performed a given date filter. We change the date group by clicking the top right corner (we choose between days, months, quarters and years). To cancel filtering conditions use the icon with cross in the upper right corner of the timeline.

Datumové filtry
Date filters

Source file can be downloaded here.

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