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Excel 2013 comes with addin PowerPivot and PowerView. PowerPivot is used to prepare the data model and the subsequent creation of PivotTable where the classic Excel is not enough. It enables eg. creating of relationships between tables and can have even more records. But this article is about PowerView tool, which serves as presentation addin for data whether from the PowerPivot or classic tables. It can display both charts and very popular world map with a graphical representation of values for a specific location. Look at it, how can such a map from a single table to be created.

Source file can be downloaded here.

Firstly, stand in the source table and activate the Insert tab, click Power View (see Figure. 1).

Power View aktivace
Fig. 1:Power View activation

A new sheet with the default name Power View 1 creates. Click in the area shown in Power View to activate the Design tab. Cou can change the view of the data to table, chart or a map. Click the Map. On the right side we see the list of fields, like in PivotTables, a list of columns from the source table. To display data on a map move column with locations eg. recipient country to the Location section. The numerical value of the sum, as shown Freight (Dopravné) field, move to the section Size. The display changes on the world map (see Figure. 2). There you can use your mouse or locator buttons to zoom in and scroll view. The color section can contain fields for differentiating color, is therefore a form of filtering. Colorful “pie” then shows in the location of each share amounts by Transfer company (Přeprava).

Power View mapa
Fig. 2: Power View map

Using the Layout tab we can set different types of map as road or air, to show a legend, title of map and data labels. The section Filters can continue to filter results, as seen in Fig. 3. From the perspective of global reports, this tool is very interesting and as you can see, the setting is not extremely difficult. If this guide has helped you, become a fan on Facebook and recommend this site to your friends, it can be useful for them too.

Power View filtry
Fig. 3 : Power View filters

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