Powers and SQRT tutorial

How to work with calculations with square roots and powers in formulas Excel? It serves mathematical symbols and functions for this. In this article we will focus on just how to use it in excel formulas or insert a square root of various levels. They are not used too often, but in certain subjects like math, statistics, physics and others where they have their place. Let’s take a look at how to use them.


For the powers we can use Excel formula in which we insert a special symbol. It is the symbol ^ , we can write it by key combination Left ALT + 94 on the numeric keypad or on by SHIFT + 6, depending on your keyboard language.

The second option is to use the POWER function that enhance the numbers on the specified exponent.


Example 1: we calculate 10 ^ 3 (ten to the third),

  • fill into a target cell function = POWER (10, 3) we get the result 1000
  • we got the same result when using the formula = 10 ^ 3 or = 10 * 10 * 10


To determine the root of a number, again, we could use the symbol ^, because the root is defined as the power to the reciprocal value. Eg. the cube root of five is five to one third. Excel does not know specific square root symbol.

For the square root we can use the SQRT function.


Example 2: we want to calculate the square root of 25

  • fill into a target cell function = SQRT(25) and we get the result 5
  • we got the same result using the formula=25^(1/2)

Example 3: we want to calculate the fifth root of 100 000

  • fill into a target cell formula =100000^(1/5) and we get the result 10

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