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When selecting the cells in Excel it is sometimes necessary to quickly find cells with some special features. E.g. we want to quickly select the blank cells or cells containing only numbers. Other times, it fits in group or summaries selecting only the visible cells. In short, there are situations where users would give anything in the world for the opportunity to facilitate a selection of cells, and therefore there is an opion Go to … special. Similarly works the Paste Special option, which you can read about in previous article. If this guide has helped you, become a fan on Facebook and recommend this site to your friends, it can be useful for them too.

Go to Special

Firstly, select the range of cells or the entire table in which you want to find a specific property. Use the mouse or keyboard shortcuts. After that, just look into the following icons:

  • Home tab > group Editing > icon Find and select  > Go to special
  • or with a key combination CTRL+G and there Special option

Properties options

Description of the most interesting options in menu Go to – special are mentioned in following list:

  • Comments … identify cells containing comments
  • Constants … identify cells containing a value
    • number … number
    • text … text string
  • Formulas … identify cells containing formulas
    • error… results for Error type #N/A, #DIV/0 etc.
  • Blanks … identify empty cells
  • Current array … marks the entire array in which you have a mouse
  • Visible cells only … identify cells that are not hidden or grouped
  • Conditional formatting … identify cells that have set rules across Conditional Formatting
  • Data validation … identify cells that have set rules through the Data Validation
    • all … mark all cells with the any rule
    • same … marks only the cells with the same rule that has an active selected cell

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