Excel is an effective tool for managing data in tables. The easiest way to learn to work in it, is to attend Excel training. Learn how to create, edit, combine tables, use the tools of filtering functions over to the summaries and pivot tables. You may be surprised what you can do in Excel and how it can help you save time and money. Because this program is so extensive, the training requires gradual absorption of knowledge at various levels, the subsequent us in practice and the search for new solutions and challenges.

Excel levels outline

Basic level

Excel for beginners

Training contains eg.:

  • file management
  • manipulation with cells
  • formatting tables
  • basic formulas and functions
  • simple charts
  • settings for printing
  • more information > Excel for beginners

Excel for intermediate

Training contains eg.:

  • custom and conditional formatting
  • formulas and functions in practice
  • working with database tables
  • sorting and filtering
  • summaries and pivot tables
  • creation of different types of charts
  • more information > Excel for intermediate

Intermediate level

Advanced level

Excel for advanced

Training contains eg.:

  • conditional functions
  • array formulas
  • lookup function
  • creation of forms
  • PivotTable from A to Z
  • user-recorded macros
  • more information> Excel for advanced

Excel for experts

Training contains eg.:

  • importing external data
  • forecast functions
  • Solver add-in
  • Goal Seek
  • comparing scenarios
  • financial functions
  • more information > Excel for experts

Expert level

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