Excel 2003 and 2010 limits and specifications

Are you interested in the limits of Excel and its comparison to the older and the new version? Then, just for you I have prepared a table of selected specifications and comparisons between versions 2003 and 2010. At the end of the table are cross-referenced to the complete official specs from the Microsoft website. If this guide has helped you, become a fan on Facebook and recommend this site to your friends, it can be useful for them too.

Limits and specifications Excel

DescriptionExcel 2003Excel 2010
Number of cells in a sheet65 536 rows and 256 columns1 048 576 rows and 16 384 columns
Max. length of a cells content32 767 chars32 767 chars
Limit of sheets in a workbooklimited by PC memorylimited by PC memory
Decimal places accuracy15 digits15 digits
Formula length1 024 chars16 384 chars
Function arguments limit30255
Merged functions in a formula764
Go back steps16100
Dates range1.1.1900 – 31.12.99991.1.1900 – 31.12.9999
Number of PivotTable on the sheetlimited by PC memorylimited by PC memory
Row or Column fields in PivotTableslimited by PC memorylimited by PC memory
ReportFilter page fields in PivotTables256256
Data fields in PivotTables256256
Changing cells in scenarios3232
Unique values in PivotTable32 5001 048 576
Scenario limitlimited by PC memorylimited by PC memory
Complete specs linkExcel 2003 specsExcel 2010 specs


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