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Maybe the article title does not say anything, but if you are often importing txt or csv files in Excel, this guide will help you set the default encoding type. Generally importing serve to convert the file from another application into spreadsheets in Excel. This guide will help you import text, you can find it on the Data tab > Get External Data> From text.

Import textu
Picture 1 – Import text

File encoding determines whether the stored data will be properly displayed, especially true for special characters with hooks or commas – for Czechs therefore quite important issue.

In picture 1 we see the Text Import Wizard, the first step to set the encoding type, but the offered are not always the right one. So to not have to change every time you import this type of coding on the right one (eg. UTF-8, Windows 1250, etc.), it is possible to set the default type, but unfortunately not through a simple menu, but intervention in the Windows registry. Do not worry, you can do it if you follow these instructions. If you are not comfortable with it, hand over this task to someone advanced.

To change the default encoding in the registry do as follows:

  1. Start the Registry Editor tool – REGEDIT, which is part of Windows. Just go to Start > Run command “regedit”.
  2. Here locate the entry:
    (number indicates the version you have – eg. version 2013 has the number 15.0).
  3. Create a new value, right-click on the Options item on the left, set New> DWORD see Figure # 2.
  4. In the right list of values add a new item, which named as DefaultCPG.
  5. Then right-click it and select Modify.
  6. The window opens setting values, where select Decimal and enter the encoding (the number of type inText Import Wizard, see Fig. 1). For UTF-8 this number is 65001, see Fig. 3.
  7. Confirm the value by pressing the OK button and you are done.

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