Convert text to formula using EVALUATE

If you need to convert a text expression to a formula in Excel, there is a way even without programming, using the hidden EVALUATE function. In this manual we will look at how to use it. If this guide has helped you, become a fan on Facebook and recommend this site to your friends, it can be useful for them too.

Prepare data

In column A, we place text expressions representing future formulas. These texts must have the exact addresses or other used functions, but without the = at the beginning. We will want to calculate, based on text-based formulas, the results from the values in column B.

Define name

In order to use the hidden EVALUATE function to convert a text expression to a formula, we need to use it in the defined name.

  1. Click inside C2
  2. Go to FORMULAS> Define name
  3. Fill the window
    • name eg. “eval”
    • referes to =EVALUATE($A2)
  4. Then go to C2 and write formula =eval , you can copy formula down to other cells in a column.

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  • Nie vzdy sa vzorec evalute prepocita, musim kliknut do bunky a odentrovat az potom nastane prepocet. Viete mi prosim poradit, kde by som mohla robit chybu?

    • Buď máte nastavený formát buňky na Text nebo máte vypnuté automatické výpočty – Vzorce > Možnosti výpočtu > Automaticky.


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