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Do you need in Excel at some point to see what is in another table? To have a live picture of the data from another area, you can use the Camera tool which can achieve this. Check the instructions to set up this simple helper. If this guide has helped you, become a fan on Facebook and recommend this site to your friends, it can be useful for them too.

Add Camera Tool icon

Icon to activate the Camera tool is a hidden, therefore it must be activated first. Add a button to the Quick Access Toolbar. In Excel, enter the File > Options > Quick Access Toolbar. We find in the category All Commands – Camera button and add it to the right part, to the Quick Access Toolbar.

Fotoaparát na Rychlý přístup
Fotoaparát na Rychlý přístup

Using Camera Tool

To activate the tool select the area you want to have “photo taken” and press the Camera tool. Then click on the worksheet where you want to have this “photo” and then you can drag its edge to resize it. This photo is live, so it shows the current values that are taken from the area. You can thus see eg. different tables far from each other with the current values simultaneously next to each other and anytime you can move the photo elsewhere.

Nástroj fotoaparát
Nástroj Fotoaparát

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