15 tricks with doubleclick in Excel

How many tasks in Excel can be performed with double click? You may be surprised to learn that there are 15! Check out this guide and use tricks in practice. If this guide has helped you, become a fan on Facebook and recommend this site to your friends, it can be useful for them too.

  1. Opening a file
    Double-click the file (eg. Excel with the extension .xls or .xlsx) in a specific folder to open it.
  2. Closing file
    In the 2007 version you can double click on the Office button to close the file. In later versions, this serves the upper left corner of the window with a symbol of Excel. But normally it is used to close file with the cross button in the right corner.

    Zavření dvojklikem
    Closing with double click
  3. Split window
    If you use the option View > Split to split the window into several parts, you can cancel it by double-clicking on the intersection of the dividing lines.

    Rozdělení okna
    Window split double click
  4. Maximaze and reduce the window size
    Double-click on the top bar of opened file (where we see the file name) to maximize the window to the full screen, or reduce it back to a floating window.
  5. Hiding tabs
    Double-click on any Tab name  (except File tab) to minimize the Ribbon. It can be displayed again the same way .

    Skrytí karty dvojklikem
    Minimize the Ribbon double click
  6. Renaming sheet
    Double-clicking on the sheet tab you can easily rename it. New name confirm by pressing Enter.

    Přejmenování listu
    Rename sheet double click
  7. Autofit column width
    If the column width is too small, there are not visible longer words, tapping between two columns (e.g. B and C) set width automatically.

    Automatická šířka sloupce
    Autofit width double click
  8. Activate format painter
    When copying the format to several cells at once, double-click the format painter to activate it for multiple use. After you finish, end copying by the Escape key. See more in this videotutorial.

    Kopírování formátu
    Format painter double click
  9. Formula copying
    You can copy value or formula to the last cell in the column if you double-click the bottom right corner of the cell.

    Copy formula double click
  10. Edit cell content
    To edit the content of cell directly in it (without using the Formula bar) use double click on it, or use the F2 key.

    Úprava obsahu buňky
    Edit cell content double click
  11. Select formula source cells
    To determine which cells enter into the specific formula we can double-click the cell with the formula. This trick only works if you turn off the setting, select File > Options> Advanced> Allow editing directly in cells.

    Závislosti vzorců
    Formula source cells double click
  12. In-depth analysis in PivotTable
    If you double-click into any cell of the numerical values in a PivotTable, Excel creates a new worksheet with a detailed list of records, which the number came from. This is called in-depth analysis.
  13. Edit chart dialog
    Double-click on any of the part of a chart to invoke the context menu (or pane) witch formatting options of selected area.
  14. Moving through the sheet
    Double-click on one of the sides of a table Excel jumps to the last filled cell in that direction.

    Pohyb po listu
    Moving through the sheet double click
  15. Confirm OK alternative
    In some dialog windows, double-click on selected option replaces the confirmation by selecting OK button.

    Potvrzení místo OK
    Double click instead of OK

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