I have prepared for you a unique video series with ten parts called “Deal with dissertation“. It will help you understand the basic procedures to facilitate formatting Diploma / Bachelor thesis. I focus on the most commonly used tools and FAQs of my clients. If you do not know to work with something shown in the video or if you have no time to adjust your work, take advantage of the service “Dissertation formatting,” and put it into the hands of ITLektor. I’ve helped dozens of students, I can help you too!

You can find the series here, on facebook or on youtube. However, all tutorials are in czech.

Heading styles

How to set heading styles in whole document easily? See it and learn new tricks.

Table of Contents

Create automatic Table of Contents using styles. You can see chapters and page numbers.

Split to Sections

Set sections in your document so you can make different numbering, orientation or borders in every part.


Number your footnotes and add citations or terms detailed description. See more in the video.

Page borders

Set specific page margins for whole document or selected section. Learn how!

Multilevel numbering

How to activate multilevel numbering of chapters in one click? Learn the way in tutorial.

Page numbering

Set correct page numbering in whole document easily and quickly using this tutorial.


You can use a simple tool for making citations and bibliography. See more tips in this video!

Image captions

Let Word automatically number your pictures, tables and charts and generate table of captions.

Nonprinting characters

Show, edit and understand hidden nonprinting characters in the final video of the series.


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