Print List of Markup

The document with Tracking changes on you can easily record, what adjustments were made. It is advisable to use this tool eg. in document sharing with multiple users and the possibility of individual amendments proposed to accept or decline. To clear list of what the user has changed in the text, serves the Reviewing pane. […]

The best free cloud storage

Every day we work with many documents, sometimes we want to connect to them over the phone, sometimes through a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. But where to store documents that can be accessed anytime, anywhere? For these cases, there are Internet-based services to share large amounts of disk space, we’re talking about cloud solutions. For […]

40. Videotutorial – Dissertation: Hidden symbols

We finish the series Deal with Disserations with topic Hidden symbols (nonprinting). Many users have more work inappropriate moving text down with space or ENTER etc. If you learn how to properly use the hidden characters, you can control indentation, pagination, sections, prepositions at the end of the line, and many other things. Now, a hidden character (icon pi […]