Too small comments font size

Have you ever seen that the font size in Word comments become so diminished that the comments were unreadable? Font size has mysteriously changed to 1 point. Sometimes this happens, but there is a possibility of fix that. This article describes how to properly set the size of comments into readable form. If this guide has […]

How to print presentation notes

Presentations should contain only the key points that the speaker is talking about. It makes no sense to read long sentences to the audience, who can read in the slide themselves. If you want to have on hand slide notes that with your comments, you can have written them inside PowerPoint slides and then clearly print. […]

Import data to organization chart

Did you know that it is possible to make organizational chart in Visio by simply a few clicks from the table in Excel? In addition to the standard procedure dragging shapes from a stencil to a drawing this program has integrated data import wizard. Step by step the can user go through uploading data from another file, […]