Static and dynamic connectors

When creating shapes in the drawing it is needed to use the connector. These lines allow to link two shapes with each other, can have different types and arrows, color and thickness. Essential for these connectors is a specific connection point on the edge of shapes. we are talking about the so-called Connecting points. These points are […]

Live slideshow broadcast

You need to present information to different users who can not personally attend your meeting? Never mind, advantage of using the online broadcasting in PowerPoint is that they can all be connected through a web browser. Just send them a link that PowerPoint generates and they enter this into their browser. Once you start your slideshow, they will […]

Setting new report

Access Reports are designed for printouts. The proposed structure of the graphical elements is filled with data from tables or queries, and printed on paper like Word documents. The difference between the reports and forms is mainly in the fact that the report do not serves to edit the data, make changes, deleting or inserting records. Reports […]

30. Videotutorial – Formulas evalution tool

Did you receive a table full of calculations that someone else did and you got lost inside them? Use the tools to evaluate formulas, it can browse calculation step by step and discover errors that are worth for a bad result. Watch the video to activate Predecessors and Successors. Let’s not forget the Formula Evaluation tool that shows step-by-step calculation […]