Setting new form

Forms of Access serve as a user interface, which allows us to easily inspect the data, modify it, add entries etc. Additionally, it can include graphic objects – pictures, charts, controls, and even conditional formatting. When properly adjusted, related forms in Access can have individuals or small and medium-sized businesses comprehensive application tailored. If this guide has helped […]

Basic flowchart diagram

The flowchart is one of the basic types of diagrams in Visio. Roughly speaking, that is used for creating the layout of process or development from beginning to end. Thanks to a Visio diagram it can easily add new shapes and merge and supplement labels. Learn step by step how to do it. If this guide […]

Setting new query

To get information from tables are designed Queries. This object in Access gets the data from tables or other queries like filters in Excel, but at a much more advanced level. Queries can not only filter but also to count, group, and even make multiple changes in tables – eg. increasing the price of all products. If […]

Setting new table

In the created database it is good to start with tables because without them the database does not make sense. In previous article you could read how to set up a new database. Now we look at the creation of tables, working again with version 2010. Access is not limited by number of rows in a […]

Setting new database

Microsoft Access is used to create and manage databases. Generally, it is a higher level of Excel because Access does not have limitations on the number of records in tables, and links between the tables is created more efficiently than in Excel – using relations. The database is a collection of related data objects and […]

Page break before paragraph

How to set a paragraph in Word rightly so, to begin a new page? People often use the Enter, in the worst case tabs or even spaces to get the text to the desired location. But they not avoid future hardships in trying to change something or add new text. Using the appropriate paragraph settings, […]