Power View – show data on a map

Excel 2013 comes with addin PowerPivot and PowerView. PowerPivot is used to prepare the data model and the subsequent creation of PivotTable where the classic Excel is not enough. It enables eg. creating of relationships between tables and can have even more records. But this article is about PowerView tool, which serves as presentation addin for data whether […]

Default text encoding typ for import

Maybe the article title does not say anything, but if you are often importing txt or csv files in Excel, this guide will help you set the default encoding type. Generally importing serve to convert the file from another application into spreadsheets in Excel. This guide will help you import text, you can find it […]

Excel Paste special options

When you copy cells in Excel, the user can choose how the copy inserts. I often encounter questions as how copying only the result value, not to change the column width, to transfer only the formatting etc. And all these problems are solved by a single choice – Paste special. Check out the article on the most […]