Function SUM and AVERAGE

One of the basic functions, yet many people are not using. If they know it they could save much work in calculating basic summaries. We are talking about the SUM and AVERAGE – end of counting totals and averages manually. SUM description =SUM(value 1, value 2, … ,value 255) values 1 … 255 are cells with the numbers or values for […]

Change the language of the Ribbon

Did you get the foreign language version of Microsoft Office, and not familiar with it? Solutions exist, you must install specific language pack and simply switch the language settings. In this article we will show you how to do it. Language pack All Microsoft Office apps display its menu in language that we choose using so-called Language […]

Spreadsheet Compare 2013

Are you working with spreadsheets, where multiple users make changes? Then maybe I will agree that compare various changed tables between each other is a nightmare. Sure, there is Track Changes tool, but it is not omnipotent, and in addition, many people do not even know how it works. So what to do with the different tables that […]