Microsoft Office free exams

So you can easily decide which level of training is best for you, try the following tests. In each test there are prepared several questions where you can always choose one correct answer offered. At the end of the list there is given list of correct answers. Once you compare your answers, you’ll see whether you […]

Website creation service

Do you want to be for your clients easy to find? Let us create a web site to your needs! At present, more and more emphasis lies on web sites, through which you can easily introduce your products and interact with customers anywhere, anytime. Web sites should be clear and tell the user the most important information easily and […]

Microsoft Office 2013 training

Microsoft Office 2013 brings a fresh look and a lot of interesting new features. Let yourself be professionally trained in Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Outlook 2013 and be one step ahead. If you want your employees to be trained in the use of the Office 2013 applications, take advantage of the training with topics set […]