Year: 2010

Create a database or template

VBA programming Some macros can be set by users, but complicated commands are necessary to be programmed in VBA. Automation of operations for several sheets or files at once – no problem. Data conversion, creation of forms and applications in Excel or Access is a job for professionals. If you have a requirement to create macros or […]

Office 2010 training Microsoft Office 2010

Office 2010 training

Microsoft Office 2010 comes in several versions, not only for companies but also for students and households. Complete sets of comparisons can be viewed here. Difference between 2010 and 2007 is smaller than if we compare 2007 and 2003. There were added a few graphical effects, features, a new “Backstage” view replacing the previous Office button. Under the File […]

Picture in a Word and crop

Image inserted into a document can enrich it and may give him a whole new dimension. Word 2007 allows you to add different effects to images, and I do not mean just a shade or color of the edge, but also crop according to the desired shape, reflections, 3D rotating, and more. In this article you can […]

Remove duplicates in Excel

Are you trying to gain unique values from a large or small list of repeating records? Elimination of duplicates is common question on training, so I put here how to do it in Excel 2007 and newer. Earlier this was possible only by using advanced filter, which allowed the filtering records without duplicates. In Excel 2007 version it easier for us by […]

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